Liesjärvi National Park was established in year 1956 and the area is almost entirely covered with green forests and small swamps. In the late summer the forest ground is covered with tasty lingonberries and blueberries to pick. In this national Park you can find rough ridges, sandy beaches and very beautiful lake scenery. The coastline within the park is approximately 50 kilometers. Liesjärvi National Park known natural attraction is low, sandy Kyynäränharju-ridge, which separates two lakes – Kyynärjärvi and Liesjärvi.

Torronsuo Mire was formed in the northwest part of the Tammela Upland, in a bay in the long and clay bedded Yoldia Sea as the sea withdrew due to fast land uplift. Walk safely over Finland’s deepest bog along sturdy duckboard trails. A high birdwatching tower offers fine views over the vast open bog, which is visited by many migrating cranes and geese in spring and autumn. In winter cross-country skiers come to the bog to explore the wide open white wintry scene.

Liesjärvi and Torronsuo national park areas are ideal places for a relaxing nature experience as well as for camping and hiking.